Beta Readers

What are ‘beta readers’ and how do you become one for the books produced here on It’s as easy as filling out the form below, downloading the link you will be sent, and then you’re ready to go.

What are beta readers? Beta readers are people who love to read and enjoy new works before they’re made available to the general public. This means the book might still have some grammar errors, missing text and so forth. Sure, we run our books through editors, but editors aren’t readers. Readers can tell us if the writing is good, great, or gross, so we can work some more on the manuscript before it’s released to the buying public.

What do beta readers get, besides reading unpublished books? Well, some folks enjoy being a part of the development of a book or books. They help authors turn so-so books into great reads so other readers can enjoy them.
If you’re interested in becoming a beta reader for the materials here on, then you only need to fill out the form below, and you will receive a link to the pdf file. Please note, we will never sell, rent, loan, or give out your contact information. We’re only trying to improve the books we create, not sell people’s confidential information.

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