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A Pitbull’s Life – Chuckie’s Legacy

A Pitbull’s Life – Chuckie’s Legacy

Bos Taurus Acres, once a leading cattle ranch, operated by a Cherokee man and his biracial family. Newcomers from other parts of America have not only moved into the area but local politics as well. The goal of the newcomers: radical change for those who have lived in the area the longest. Cultures clash. Tempers flare. Death shows itself once again.

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About the Book

Bos Taurus Acres, a working cattle farm in Oklahoma. Home to the Oconostota family for several decades now. Conway, the patriarch. Amara, his wife, and matriarch along with their three children – Bailey, Jenny, and Melanie, the youngest of the three.

The once-rural yet peaceful area has many new faces, some of which are determined to change the area into one more fitting for their elite culture. The clash between the established homesteads and the newcomers brings tensions to a boil. Through it all, the Cherokee spirit resonates.

Series: A Pit Bull's Life, Book 2
Genres: Animals and Pets, Pit-Bulls
Tags: Books About Dogs, Dog Books, Featured, My Books, Pit Bull Books, Recommended Books
Publisher: Larck Company
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9781005870331
List Price: 3.99
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