All Pit Bulls Are Killers

Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood dogs ever. They are often falsely regarded as a fierce and aggressive dog breed, but that statement itself contains two falsehoods. For one, Pit Bulls are not aggressive by nature. And, guess what, Pit Bulls is not a dog breed at all!

What? Pit Bull Is Not A Dog Breed?

Thanks to the proliferation of the media as well the sensationalization of news, many people would think that “Pit Bull” is a dog breed itself. In fact, the term “Pit Bull” is actually a collective of dogs that are termed as the “Pit Bulldog”. Some of the dog breeds that belongs to the same collective term is the American Pit Bull Terrier, Blue Blood Bluedog and even the popular American Staffordshire Terrier! They are grouped together due to a similar physical outlook.
The dogs are labelled as a bully dog due to their physical traits. While it is easier to distinguish them in the past, it is increasingly tougher for experts to identify them by their specific breed due to the extensive cross-breeding and hence the mixture of genetics. So, how do you know if the dog is a Pit Bull?

How Do You Know If A Dog Belongs To The Pit Bull Group

To start off, one must understand the origins of the Pit Bull categorization. First of all, back in the 18th century, dogfights were popular due to the outlawing of blood sports. In order for the owners to win at the fights, the Pit Bull was created. Indeed, Pit Bulls were created by the cross breeding of terriers and bulldogs. These dog breeds were chosen so that they can produce a dog that have the strength of the bulldog but the agility of the terrier. This deadly combination will allow owners to win at the fights. Note that most of these fights are illegal, and we do not condone the usage of dogs as tool for fights.

Common Physical Traits?

Honestly, there isn’t a specific trait that the Pit Bull has. They do share some common traits though, like the muscular body to its square-shaped head. However, it is still wrong to classify dogs as a Pit Bull simply by its physical appearance. You will still need to fall back on the genetics of the dog itself as a Pit Bull is strictly a collective breed of dogs that are cross bred from terriers and bulldogs! Hence, dog breeds like the Dogo Argentino is strictly not a Pit Bull!

Are Pit Bull Naturally Aggressive

As you would have probably wondered, Pit Bulls are not aggressive naturally. Recall earlier that we talked about the origins of the Pit Bull? Yes, they are being developed and designed to be aggressive, but they are indeed not aggressive at all. Their perceived aggression is only the result of mishandling by human as well as their intimidating stance. Otherwise, Pit Bulls can be extremely docile and mild-mannered! Not many people may know this, but Pit Bulls are good with families! They are loyal to their owners, and their temperament make them an excellent pet to have in the family.”